‘Our vision is to give every child the opportunity to discover their unique strengths, identify their hopes and to empower them to shape their future.’
1-2-1 mentors


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1-2-1 Teaching programmes are offered by a small team of experienced, specialist outreach teachers. We are able to offer support across all key stages and cover a variety of curriculum areas, depending on the needs of the individual pupil. We liaise very closely with the young person’s school to ensure continuity of learning opportunity.

Teaching services offered:


By carefully assessing the abilities of each pupil we are able to offer individualised learning opportunities and maximise their chances of academic success. With creative and tailored teaching sessions our main aim is to increase self-belief and confidence to help them achieve more successfully within a school setting.

We can offer teaching support in a variety of settings. Initially, within the home if necessary, at local libraries, at school or at our safe and friendly centre. Sessions can be either one to one to target individual needs or in small groups, where appropriate, to develop social skills and increased ability to successfully work together.

Individual progress is monitored closely and regular reporting is made to schools and to families which clearly outlines achievements and success. By building confidence in academic areas we constantly strive to ensure a happier and more successful future within the educational setting.

To discuss teaching packages for pupils please contact Sue Bullock or Frances Harding.