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School-Led Tutoring

What is School-led Tutoring?

The National Tutoring Programme was launched by the Department for Education in 2021 to help pupils who’s learning was adversely affected by Covid-19 disruption.

There have been three funding sources available to schools: Academic Mentors, NTP Tuition Partner tuition, and from September 2021, School-led Tutoring.

From September 2022 all catch-up tuition will be delivered under through School-led Tutoring. Every school receives a grant based on the number of pupils enrolled who are eligible for Pupil Premium payments. The grant is ring-fenced - it can only be spent on catch-up tuition - and is paid directly to schools in three termly instalments.

What funding is available?

The School-led scheme has been running since September 2021, and most, if not all, schools will already be familiar with it. Each school receives £202.50 for 60% of the pupils eligible for Pupil Premium. e.g. If a school has 100 pupils eligible for Pupil Premium, they will receive a grant of £202.50 x 60 = £12,150.

Update. April 2022. The 60 % of pupil premium pupils intended to be reached via School-led Tutoring has been increased to 76%, to reflect the Government's preference for the School-led route. Details of the funding for Academic Year 2022/23

The scheme is intended to run at least until the academic year 2023/24. The grant can be used to fund a maximum of 75% of the cost of catch-up tuition. The level of subsidy falls to 60% in the year 2022/23, and to 25% in 2023/24.

DfE advice says that pupils can make significant progress - up to 3 months - with 15 hours of targeted tuition in a single subject. But under the School-led scheme schools have the final decision about where they think catch-up tuition will be most effective for their pupils.

Why choose 1-2-1 Mentors?

We've been involved with the National Tutoring Programme since its inception in November 2021, firstly as a Tuition Partner, and now delivering School-led Tutoring.

We've delivered catch-up tutoring in more than 20 schools in Devon, and have built a good knowledge bank that we're able to share with our school partners.

Our tutors are all qualified teachers. Our schools partners tell us they've found this particularly valuable - it has made the process of starting tuition easier, and faster. Schools have told us that "buy-in" from class teachers is better with qualified teachers; they're already familiar with the curriculum; they can start more quicky, and work with less supervision, because they're already familiar with school processes and how classrooms work.

Here's what some of our school partners told us:

Secondary school , South Devon:
“The tuition sessions were very good. [1-2-1 Mentors’ Tuition has]…been a confidence boost to students".

Primary school, near Exeter:
"The sessions have been focussed, fun and have increased pupil confidence in maths".

Secondary school, mid-Devon:
“We thought [1-2-1 Mentors] were brilliant".

Secondary school, East Devon:
"The content delivered was spot-on. The communication from 1-2-1 Mentors to us was excellent".

How much will it cost my school?

We charge £54 +VAT per hour, with no extras. Our fee includes preparation time and all report-writing and record-keeping.

The research from the first 2 years of the NTP suggest that catch-up tuition is more effective face-to-face than online, and that the most-effective teaching ratio is 3 pupils to 1 tutor. This is the ratio that delivers the best combination of effective catch-up tuition, whilst reaching the largest possible number of pupils.

We are able to deliver online tuition, but our preference is always to teach face-to-face. Ideally our tutors spend the whole day in your school. Teaching groups of 3 pupils, delivering five 1-hour sessions within each school day, a single tutor will deliver to 15 pupils per day.

As a useful guide, a block of tuition consisting of 15 weeks, teaching 5 groups of 3 pupils will cost a total of £4,050 + VAT.

What’s my next step?

We’d like to talk to you about how we can help with your catch-up tuition needs. We specialise in Primary, Secondary English and Secondary Maths tuition.
We can help minimise the lead-time so that tuition starts as soon as possible, and with your help we will aim to match your school with the most suitable teacher.

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