‘Our vision is to give every child the opportunity to discover their unique strengths, identify their hopes and to empower them to shape their future.’
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Outdoor Learning

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Our Outdoor Learning Programmes are set up to meet the growing demand for children to benefit from learning outside the classroom. We have a small team of passionate and experienced outdoor practitioners who are committed to providing opportunities for children to connect with nature and learn about their environment in a fun, engaging and often challenging way. Our aim is to empower children to become more confident, independent and resilient in all that they do.

Our learning environments include Haldon Forest Park, Dartmoor National Park and we have access to an Outdoor Learning Site. We also offer onsite ‘at school’ projects.

What do we do:


We work alongside schools and social care professionals to provide high quality alternative education to children with emotional, social and behavioural issues. We are able to design a tailor-made programme to meet specific curriculum links through the use of the outdoor environment. We believe the outdoors encourages creativity and exploration and offers opportunities to develop risk awareness, problem solving skills and an appreciation of the world around them.

There are 3 main strands to our Outdoor Learning Programme: Forest School, Outdoor Adventure and Educational visits. We use a strength based model of collaborative learning. This model empowers students to make positive choices.

Through regular monitoring and reporting we are able to plan and review each child’s progress to ensure effective delivery.

For more information about Outdoor Learning please contact Charmaine Dugdale.