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What Is The National Tutoring Programme?

The NTP is a Government programme designed to help children catch-up who have had their education disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The scheme was designed in collaboration by five charities: The Education Endowment Foundation, Impetus, Nesta, The Sutton Trust and Teach First.

The National Tutoring Programme has two pillars, subsidised Tutoring, and Academic Mentors. The Tutoring programme will be led by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). They have accredited 32 organisations to deliver subsidised Tuition under the Scheme.

We’re pleased to say that 1-2-1 Mentors Ltd have been selected as one of these providers.

The Programme

Tuition under the NTP will be delivered in blocks of 15 1-hour sessions.

Sessions can be delivered either in-person or online. Sessions may include 1, 2, or 3 pupils, and all Tuition offered by 1-2-1 Mentors Ltd will be delivered by Qualified Teachers.

We have a lot of experience of delivering tuition, both in-person and online. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions at all.


What Options Are Available?

We offer Tutoring by Qualified Teachers for all age groups across Primary and Secondary schools, as well as Special Schools and Alternative Provision. Within the National Tutoring Programme, we have been asked to deliver tutoring in English and Maths, at Key Stages 2 and 4.

You can choose your preferred teaching ratio of pupils to teacher, and whether you prefer in-person or online tutoring.

Please note, the ability to offer in-person tutoring may be affected by national or local lockdown rules, and by isolation / quarantine of schools and individual pupils. Provision may need to be switched from in-person to online at short notice, but always with the agreement of the school.

What Does It Cost?

The Government will pay 75% of the cost of delivering these blocks of Tuition. The School will be invoiced for 25%.

The following prices illustrate the cost to schools of Tuition delivered by 1-2-1 Mentors Ltd. Each session is 1-hour of Tutoring. Preparation, travel and feedback are not included in the 1-hour Tutoring, but are included in these prices.

Blocks of 15 sessions, in-person or online:

* Prices exclude VAT


Important Information

We have been targeted with helping 500 pupils in Devon. The NTP have broken this target into Primary and Secondary schools, into English and Maths, into in-person and online, and so on. All these targets are based around the best assumptions available at the time.

We’ll try to accommodate all our School partners, but the sooner we know what help you might need, the sooner we can discuss with the NTP to fine-tune our tutoring programme. Our understanding is that the earlier we raise this with the NTP, the better the chance that we'll be enabled to fine-tune tutoring provision to the needs of your pupils. So please get in touch early.

Cancellation Policy

A tutoring Agreement is entered into when a Pupil Plan is signed by both parties.

Any tutoring session agreed as part of a Pupil Plan can be cancelled without charge up to 30 days before the scheduled delivery. Any session cancelled by a school or education centre within 30 days of the scheduled delivery is payable in full.

If you’d like to enquire about subsidised Tutoring in your school, please contact us.
Call us on 01392 426676
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